Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Little Clarification on My Opinion of Dollar Stores

Just wanted to set the record straight on some feedback concerning my “Told You So” sidebar and April review (why are people still focused on April?):

If you read my review from start to finish, you would realize that I am not denouncing the dollar store genre. I think that like in any type of store, there are some great deals and some bad deals that the average consumer can find. To summarize:

-In my books, when you pay a dollar and get a product that’s worth a dollar, you’ve got a fair deal.

-If you pay a dollar but get a product comparable and/or equivalent to a similar product that is worth more than a dollar, you got a good deal.

-If you pay a dollar (for whatever intent – I understand not all people can shop at other stores for financial reasons) but get a piece of junk that can’t do its main purpose or is of such unreasonably low quality that its practical use is impossible, well then you’ve got a bad deal.

Enough said!

- Average Joe