Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to the DTV Era

Happy Digital Transition Day Everyone!

The day has arrived! Across the country analog transmitters are being turned off and new digital TV stations are going to full strength. Important: Be sure to run a new channel scan on your TV / receiver / converter box as many of the DTV stations have changed VF bands, increased their power or just came online.

Also, why not show the naysayers that the DTV transition was worth it and people did notice: take a few moments to write an email to your local digital TV stations and media outlets like the major newspapers to say how thrilled you are as an OTA viewer with their new, sharp digital images and what it has done to your TV experience. Remember, this transition was quite consuming on them in terms of manpower and expenses - be sure to make people know that it was worth it.

Once again, happy digital transition day everyone from YOUR Average Joe.